About Us

Custom Heat LLC was founded to be a full service supplier that would supply special heaters and control options in low to medium volumes. No longer would customers have to try to purchase specialized heaters and systems from large manufacturers.

Today, applications engineering is focused on thermal systems and value added assemblies for the Semiconductor, Biomedical, Medical Electronics, and the general Electronics markets.

One of our major markets has been with customers developing automatic test equipment for the semiconductor market. Another has been precision reactor blocks for biomedical research and testing.

Focused as a full service supplier, Custom Heat has found success by addressing the specific needs of the customer in the air, gas, and liquid heating markets through:

  • Combining heaters and controls
  • Value added services
  • Applications engineering

Ongoing product development, forward thinking, and the willingness to adopt new technologies, will continue to drive Custom Heat's success and growth.

Call the experts in Temperature Control - call Custom Heat LLC.

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