Temperature Controllers

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Universal Temperature Controllers

Single, Dual, and Quad Zone Controls

Custom Heat LLC offers temperature controllers packages at reasonable costs that are well-designed, rugged and are supplied with 6 foot power cords, thermocouples and instructions. Custom Heat also offers call-in assistance and application advice. RTD sensor options are available. Laboratory models are supplied with front panel plug-in features.

Features Include:

  • 120V or 240V power input, type T, J, and K thermocouples, fuse protected, IEC Power cord with IEC inlet and outlet plugs.
  • Clear 1/32 DIN microprocessor with dual display for process set point and actual process values.
  • Options for RS232 and RS485, ramp and soak, data logging and graphing are offered.
  • Units manufactured as singles, duals and quads.
  • Typical power 1200W @ 120V, 1960W @ 240V
  • Special features can be offered along with modified power outputs.
  • SSR output, rated at 40 amps, 600V, 1200V PIV
  • Control Panels offered for loads above 2.4 kW

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Benchtop Controllers - Specify AEO-000-146

Prices Start at $350.00 — Most Units Available From Stock
AEO-000 146-1 5A@120V
AEO-000 146-2 5A@240V
AEO-000 146-3 10A@120V
AEO-000 146-4 10A@240V


  • Type T, J or K thermocouple with standard miniature plug
  • 600 Watt heater capacity: 6 AMPS @ 120 VAC
  • Ramp to set point & soak
  • Autotune capabilities to meet your temperature controller requirements
  • 120V six foot power cord and re-settable circuit breaker protection
  • Small footprint: 3.75" x 5.5" x 3.0"
  • RS232 is available as an option along with user friendly software

Parameters for Custom Heat Temperature Controllers:

  • 120V or 240V AC 50/60 cycle - Typical Loads 5A to 10A per outlet
  • Display: LED three to four digit display (Industrial units 4 digits, Lab units 3 digits)
  • Type T, J, or K thermocouple input - other options standard also
  • 6VA control load
  • Agency Approval: UL, CSA and CE compliant
  • Face: Nema 4 IP66
  • Ambient range: 0° to 50° C
  • Alarm modes available
  • RS232 or RS485 available
  • Converters RS485 to RS232 available from standard comm port communications
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